Temovate Ointment for Psoriasis and Eczema

Hi, my name is Mykhaylo and I was diagnosed with psoriasis by my dermatologist in the year 2001. Ever since I was told that there is no cure to totally eliminate the skin condition I was depressed about it. However, from experience, it can be controlled and totally disappear by using Temovate ointment. Psoriasis is a non-contagious chronic skin condition manifested by reddening and dry patching of thickened silvery, white flaky skin. This condition affects my head, most predominantly in my scalp. I have another small lesion in my left arm (elbow area), low back, and near my knees. I have tried many topical medications with calcipotriol creams, a coal-tar shampoo, and many natural remedies to control psoriasis’ rapid development in the affected areas of my body. Sadly, they had minimal to no effect unlike this life saving product!

Temovate is a generic name for Dermovate, they are in no way different from each other!


What is Temovate?

My dermatologist suggested using Temovate for Psoriasis. Temovate ointment has Clobetasol Propionate ingredient which is a type of medicine called topical Corticosteroid. I started using Temovate ointment in 2004 and still applying it to this day!.

I alternately use it in some days to control the inflammation of the skin and development of flaky skins. It gives me the relief to see that flakes are not visible as well red lesions in my skin. Temovate gives the same medical effect of reducing the inflammation, redness and scaling of my psoriasis-affected skin. I was able to save more after using this topical cream.

I did not notice any side effects or medical complications from using this new cream. My psoriasis sometimes flare-up especially when I am in stress with my work. The good thing is I have my highly recommended Temovate Cream on hand to limit the scaling and redness of my psoriasis. I only have a mild psoriasis which do not not require more active dosage of medicine to address my skin condition. The cream is a welcome relief for me for it is economical and effective to cure my psoriasis-laden skin.

Where can I buy Temovate without prescription?
Non-prescription Temovate Cream, Temovate Ointment, and Temovate Scalp Application can be found here.